Antonis is the Director of the Radical Urban Lab and faculty at Geography and Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews


The trains from Kramatorsk.

Sit around Lviv train station long enough, watch and talk to the river of those spilling out of carriage after carriage, train after train, and a simple question, where have you come from, is all that is needed for that river to engulf you with its shock. ...

Looking in, out and through.

All images, train to Lviv, Ukraine, March 23, 2022. Thanks to Ross and Anna for the company and for conspiring on this. More words to follow.

You live and you die in numbers.

Just north of Krakow’s old town enclave lies a small stretch of freeway that connects the historic city’s ring road to the country’s national highway network further up north. To the freeway’s one side lie a series of shiny, newly ...

War happens.

This website was meant to undergo some major reconstruction at some point or another, comfortable and confident in that there is always time to make an adjustment, to add or to remove something, to make that final tweak. And then, war happened. That ...