Sep 16-Aug 17. Transcapes was funded under the ESRC/DFID Mediterranean Migration Research Programme (MMRP). I was the grant PI, working with Joe Painter (Co-I, Durham), Anna Papoutsi (now Birmingham), Evie Papada (now Loughborough) and Yannis Christodoulou (now NTUA).

Transcapes is a collective research project using the introduction of hotspots in Greece in order to understand wider transformations in the geopolitical body of Europe itself. Situating ourselves in the island of Lesbos, we examine the key actors on the island – humanitarian, social, political – and their relationship to the Moria hotspot. Broadening our scope, we also look at hot spots introduced across Greece; we read the country a vector of its own contradictions and as the object of political decisions which will inevitably compromise its already weak position within the EU. In the third and largest of our cognitive concentric circles (Lesbos, Greece, the EU), we try to understand the crisis of Europe’s own decision-making and executing mechanisms as a whole.