At a time when the clouds of war seem to be expanding westward, now reaching above the East Med skies, it’s refreshing to see posters like this one, reminding us of some basic truths, which seem to have been obscured in the shuffle of nationalist frenzy. The poster reads:

Since Lysistrata’s time [Lysi-strata, an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, lit. “army disbander”],
we fight against war.
By refusing orders,
by occupying the war vaults,
by sabotaging the arms production line,
by assaulting the warlords,
by responding to the violence of the regime’s praetors,
by betraying the nation,
in alliance with all Lampito’s from the other side [another reference to Aristophane’s play: Lampito was the woman from Sparta who assisted the Athenian Lysistrata in sabotaging the two cities’ war, that was waged by men].

For exclusive economic zones, oil, Aya Sofya’s and all such bullshit.

Total conscription objectors