Then it was next. What preceded “it” now matters little. What matters, is only what is and what follows: data only becomes extractable in its meta-form: compertemntalised, to be rendered intelligible by processors only then capable of building an entire narrative structure upon this very intelligibility-understanding. Cancer takes on its most lethal of forms in its meta-static state, only once it has started colonising the body while traversing it.


Life inseparable from its form. In the méta time, the past is inseparable from present, and future. The three amalgamate into an endless present: better even, a preemptive past and a predictive present making for an unchallenge-able. future. Life inseparable from its form. In the méta time, life becomes inseparable from its digital forms―from the artifacts, the devices that move on from facilitating life: they encroach and encompass it in a way that it becomes difficult―soon, perhaps, impossible―to think and then to act outside its realm.